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Supportive therapy is a wonderful boon for those diagnosed with cancer and undergoing Cancer treatment in India to improve their health condition. There is a wide variety of therapies available depending on the medical cases of every individual patient.  

Importance of supportive therapies 

Studies have shown improved therapy methods to manage efficiently and prevent any side effects caused by cancer treatments. However, these therapies will not directly cure the side effects but are used as a supporting system for patients undergoing conventional cancer treatments. 

Once a person is diagnosed with cancer they go through emotional distress, anxiety and pain. The chief goals of these therapies are to provide spiritual, physical and emotional support throughout the stressful journey of Chemotherapy in India and improve the lifestyle quality of the patients. 

There are different types of supportive therapies available for anyone who is in the early stages of cancer to survivorship to benefit. It is designed to offer support and strengthen their hope to thrive during the treatment. 

Types of supportive therapies 

We have discussed a few common types of supportive therapies that may help prevent and manage chemotherapy's side effects. 

1. Emotional supportive therapy 

Diagnosis of cancer and further treatments, usually cause mental, social and emotional stress and anxiety to the patients. You will experience severe depression and hopeless conditions, with plenty of questions and doubts. 

Commonly a person diagnosed with cancer will be wondering and worrying about so many things such as the following:

  • Why did I get cancer and what sin have I done for such punishment?
  • How will my children and loved ones react?
  • What will be the cost of the treatments?
  • How can I prevent anxiety and stress, and have a good sleep?

Cancer will make you feel emotionally and physically weak and depressed.  It is a challenging process that can be overcome with perfect supportive therapy. 

Therapists will listen to your emotional and social impacts caused by the cancer treatment and design relaxation therapy such as meditation, music, or art therapy exclusively for you to overcome the challenges and struggles. You will also be given chances to meet people who have gone through the same painful journey and share with you their own experiences to give you hope and strength. 

2. Speech and occupational therapy

Patients struggling with chronic cancer treatments will be facing challenges, side effects and health issues. There are support therapies that are carefully tailored for treating side effects and improving your health conditions. Top Cancer Hospital in India offers the best recovery support sessions such as speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, etc.  

  • When you practice these therapies before starting treatments for cancer, it can reduce the period of hospitalization and prevent infections. 
  • Therapists will educate valuable information regarding the symptoms and signs that the patients may experience after surgery, to keep them alert watch out for any warning signs and seek immediate healthcare assistance in case their health conditions worsen. 
  • Therapists will teach breathing exercises and gentle techniques of massages that help in preventing inflammation.
  •  The supportive therapy sessions allow the patients to obtain mobility, flexibility and strength to manage and function in everyday physical activities such as dressing, eating and bathing.
  •  Sometimes, if your ability to form words and Swallow food is hindered, speech therapists will guide you through the process and restore those vital functions effectively. 

3. Nutritious diet therapy

You must eat a nutritious diet and avoid unhealthy foods to provide strength to withstand the pain and struggles during the treatment and restore health after. However, the nutrition requirements differ according to the type of cancer and severity of the cases.  

The dietitian will guide you in eating a nutritious diet to avoid the risk of delay in treatment due to malnutrition. Treatment might be disrupted if you lose a significant amount of weight.

Sometimes the Cancer Specialist in India may find it difficult to continue the treatment process because you become weak and dehydrated as you cannot eat properly due to mucositis, nausea, and swallowing difficulties. The nutritional support therapist will help you in eating nutrition-enriched foods to restore your strength and set you back on track for a speedy recovery.  

4. Pain management therapy

You will feel chronic stress and pain as side effects of the cancer treatment. The blockages, poor circulation of blood and tumors will cause severe pain. Radiation therapy, chemotherapy, surgery and other treatment procedures may cause painful side effects. 

The pain management therapist is well qualified to treat severe nerve blocks and headaches efficiently. Relaxation, strengthening, stretching and meditation techniques along with proper nutritional support will help you in managing the pain. 

5. Spiritual support therapy

When you receive the cancer diagnosis your world changes upside-down and you feel hopeless as your faith is shattered. A spiritual support therapist will restore your strength by providing you with an insight into the Almighty God. Spiritual support therapy gives psychological and physiological benefits. You can seek guidance through prayer groups, meditation, faith-based worship and communities.

Vanya Health Medical Tourism Company representing highly qualified Doctors and surgeons is an innovative tool that helps you experience a healthy transformation with the best supportive therapies. Access to supportive therapies during cancer treatment helps in reducing pain and long-term side effects in patients. Rejuvenate your drooping spirits, stay strong and manage the pain with support.

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