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Cancer is a chronic disease where abnormal growth of cells occurs in a certain part of the body and spreads to diverse organs damaging overall health. When the normal Gallbladder cells started growing and transforming abnormally and uncontrollably into tumors, it is a sign of gallbladder cancer. Cancer treatment in India has flourished with skilled and experienced medical professionals. There are non-cancerous or benign tumors but they have a significant potential to be transformed into cancerous or malignant tumors over a period.

The tumors are detected only in later stages due to the lack of visible symptoms or evaluation. If the tumor is detected early it can be treated immediately. The hidden identity of gallbladder cancer allows it to grow uncontrollably without being detected easily.

When healthy cells in the gallbladder cause changes to happen in the DNA, it starts growing uncontrollably even when normal cells die. Gallbladder cancer occurs when these accumulated cells expand and spread from the gallbladder to other body parts. The gallbladder possesses different types of cells and the cancerous type can develop from any category of cells eventually.

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Types of gallbladder cancer

  • Adenocarcinoma could be considered the most common variety of gallbladder cancers, which initially originate from within the walls of the digestive tract. Cancerous cells start secreting thick mucus-like fluid.
  • Papillary Adenocarcinoma is organized within the linings of the gallbladder are projections like fingers. However, this category of cancer cells does not spread across other viral organs and lymph nodes speedily like other cancers. 
  • Other gallbladder cancers include sarcomas, small cell carcinomas and adenosquamous carcinomas.

Symptoms of gallbladder cancer

Basic symptoms and signs that have been observed in patients struggling with gallbladder cancer include the following.

  • Severe pain in the Abdominal area
  • Bloating of the abdomen
  • Fever
  • Itchy skin 
  • Appetite loss
  • Nauseous and vomiting 
  • Weight loss
  • Skin and eyes turn Yellowish resembling jaundice symptoms
  • A lump will be diagnosed in the abdomen areas
  • Dark colored urine

You can fix appointments with the best doctors in India through the Vanya Health Medical Tourism Company representing a highly qualified Doctors team. There are the Best cancer hospitals in India that are well equipped with extremely advanced, unique and significant medical technology. An excellent team of Oncologist experts offers comprehensive care to cancer patients with different types of treatment options. 

Radiation Therapy

Radiation Therapy is a successful option for treating cancer. During this treatment method, heavy dosages of radiation are allowed to penetrate deep within the body to kill cancerous cells and diminish the size of the tumor.


You can book appointments and Consult an oncologist in India to treat your cancer condition. Expert Doctors will prescribe certain medications and drugs to terminate the growth of cancerous cells. These drugs will treat the volition by killing the cancer cells or by stopping them from multiplying.

Surgical procedure

When the tumor growth is abnormal then cancer will be treated through a surgical treatment process.  Surgery procedures are divided into categories that include 

  • Cholecystectomy is a surgical method where the tissues around the gallbladder are removed. If it has spread across nearby parts then the lymph nodes will also be removed. 
  • Radical Gallbladder Resection is surgery performed to remove the patient’s gallbladder infected with cancer that spreads faster and cannot be easily treated with medications. In such conditions palliative surgical procedures will be implemented to relieve cancerous symptoms:
    • Biliary bypass surgery is performed when tumor clogs in the gallbladder start blocking the bile and small intestine. During the surgical procedure, a fresh pathway is created by cutting the bile duct or gallbladder and stitching back to the small intestine. 
    • Endoscopic stent placement 
      During the Endoscopic stent placement process, a thin tube known as a stent is inserted into the bile duct to remove unwanted plaque built in that region. The stent may be inserted through a catheter for draining bile to an outer surface of the body or the stent might be placed around the blocked region for draining the bile into the intestine. 

Postoperative recovery and complications

It is essential that you listen with care to the needs of your body and take an ample amount of rest post-operation to accelerate the recovery process. You might be experiencing symptoms like tiredness and fatigue for a few weeks that will resolve eventually,

  • Due to the input of gas into the abdomen during the surgical procedure, you might experience discomfort in the back or shoulder. Taking medications to reduce pain and applying heat packs to the affected areas will reduce the soreness. 
  •  Avoid lying flatly and place pillows under your head and knees for a comfortable recovery period.  
  • Once the gas filled in the abdomen and is sucked up your belly will feel relieved from the bloated up feeling. 
  •  Wear loose clothes to enhance your comfort. 
  • Once you reach home after surgery you need to follow proper healthy food diets as prescribed by your doctors, 
  • Avoid lifting up heavy weights and refrain from exercises and sports activities.

When to call your doctor?

  • If you have an elevating fever that persists for more than a week or starts feeling worse instead of feeling better each day during your recovery period. 
  • If you develop green or yellow drainage or red streaks around the area of the surgical incision.  
  • Seek medical help immediately if you notice that the white area of your eyes has turned yellow or if you notice changes in the color of your urine. 


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