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Cancer is rare in sweet little children but, in recent times it has evolved into major disease-causing damage in infants and adolescent kids.  Kids are being affected by various types of cancers and are struggling with treatments and medication. However, the science world has developed with improved technology in Cancer Treatment in India is considered a boon for Paediatric Cancer.

What is childhood cancer?

Children’s Cancer can occur in diverse parts of the body such as kidneys, blood, spinal cord, brain, lymph nodes, tissues and any organs of the body. The real cause of cancer in children is still unknown, but the cancerous cells behave differently in kids than in adults. When the healthy cells in the child’s body start growing uncontrollably cancer starts developing. 

In most cancer types blood cancer is quite prevalent in children, where the cancerous cells form into a cluster of mass known as tumors.  The malignant tumor will quickly start spreading and growing. While the benign tumors will not grow or spread to other body parts. Other most common childhood cancer types are the abnormal cancerous cells formed in the blood, brain, glands, lymph nodes, glands and bone marrow cells. 

Pediatric oncologists will treat the child with a diverse range of treatments such as cancer tumor removal surgery, chemotherapy, bone marrow transplant and radiation therapy. We have shortlisted the important Things You Must Know About Child Cancer types exclusively for your benefit. 

Types of children's cancers 

1. Leukemia

The most commonly occurring children's cancer is leukemia which occurs in a child’s bone marrow. The soft or core center of the bones produces white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets. 

  • White blood cells fight infections 
  • Red blood cells transport oxygen to every part of the body. 
  • Platelets help in stopping the injured body from bleeding automatically.

In a child’s body with leukemia, the bone marrow starts producing immature and abnormal white blood cells that are incapable of fighting any infections. These leukemia cells soon outnumber the healthy white blood cells, which allows bacteria, viruses and microorganisms to damage the body making the child sick. Similarly, leukemia cells outnumber platelets and red blood cells, causing severe damage to the child’s body. Evaluation and treatment procedures need to be done at the earliest for better survival rates for your precious little child. Vanya Health is the perfect Medical value travel facilitator who will support in accessing valuable consultation with the best Hematologists through Teleconsultation for Cancer Treatment in India. 

2. Lymphoma

Lymphoma cancer affects the immune system of the child and causes damage to lymphoid nodes, tissues and glands. Lymphoma cancer cells are immature and abnormal white blood cells, which have lost their ability to fight against infection. Therefore, it ends up forming a mass of cancerous cells crowding and outnumbering the healthy lymphoid tissues.

The glands or nodes are unable to protect the body and fight viruses or bacteria and other infections. Symptoms of lymphoma cancer in children are fatigue, weight loss and fever. However, the symptoms can change depending on the parts of the body it develops and are treated accordingly. 

3. Brain cancers 

Children are affected by brain tumors or central nervous system cancers or spinal cord cancers due to various issues. Treatments provided by Top Cancer Hospitals in India differ according to the parts of the body it is located. When immature abnormal nerve cells grow in the spine or brain, cancers develop in the spine or brain in a child. These abnormal cancer cells hinder the normal functioning of the brain such as sensations, movements and behavior etc.  

Brain cancers have four types of childhood cancers. 

  • Astrocytomas occur in the tissues supporting the brain and spread to vital parts of the spinal cord and brain. 
  • Primitive neuroectodermal tumors are one of the most common varieties of cancer seen in children and occur in primitive nerve cells.
  • Brain-stem glimpse occurs in the nerve tissue bundle located at the brain base. Since this is crucial for the body, it damages functioning such as swallowing, breathing and heart pulse rate. 
  • Ependymomas cancer is caused in the lining within the ventricles of the brain, which spreads to the spine. 

4. Rhabdomyosarcoma 

Rhabdomyosarcoma cancer occurs in the muscle cells causing tumor growth and swelling, along with or without pain. This will intervene in the proper functioning of various vital organs such as the leg, arm, pelvis, abdomen, groin, neck and head. The rhabdomyosarcoma cancer spreads to the lungs, bone marrow, lymph nodes etc. 

There are two categories of pediatric rhabdomyosarcoma:

  • Alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma occurs in the muscles of the legs, arms and trunk of children and teenagers. 
  • Embryonic rhabdomyosarcoma occurs commonly in young kids and infants. It affects the functionality of the vagina, prostate testicles, bladder, neck and head. 

5. Neuroblastoma 

Neuroblastoma cancer occurs when abnormal nerve cells grow and develop in the adrenal gland. This type of cancer hinders the proper functioning of the liver, lymph nodes, bones, bone marrow and skin.

6. Nephroblastoma 

Nephroblastoma or the Wilms tumor cancer in pediatric cancer seen in the renal or kidney. This type of cancer commonly affects little kids between the age of 2 to 5 years old. Nephroblastoma occurs when there is an abnormal tumor formed in the abdomen of a child, which damages kidney functioning. 

The Chief Cause of children’s cancer is unknown and sometimes genetic conditions might be the reason. Treatments for children's cancers are performed successfully by the Best Paediatric Cancer specialists in India. Survival rates of childhood cancer patients are increasing because of the advancements made in the medical world and treatment procedures provided by highly qualified Oncologists. Good luck!

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