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Exercise plays a vital role in improving survival rates for women struggling with breast cancer. Studies show that the patients undergoing cancer treatment showed improvement in their emotional and physical health when they Exercise regularly. Therefore, doctors are recommending following a proper exercise routine to build up strength while undergoing Breast Cancer Treatment in India.

Advantages of exercises for women diagnosed with breast cancer

  • When you exercise regularly during cancer treatment it reduces the side effects such as nausea, osteoporosis, lymphedema, neuropathy and fatigue. 
  • Minimize the trauma, depression and anxiety caused by the cancer treatment. 
  • Regular exercise can keep you as independent and mobile as possible. 
  • Helps in building up strength to cope with the devastatingly painful effects of cancer treatments such as radiation therapy and chemotherapy. 
  • Improve your lifestyle and gives a better sleeping pattern. 
  • Exercising help your body to make the treatment process more effective in damaging cancer-causing tumor cells. 
  • Studies have shown gradual improvements in functionality and mobility of women diagnosed with Breast Cancer
  • Exercising helps in preventing the occurrence of other health issues like diabetes and heart attacks etc. 

Factors to consider before starting an exercise routine

It is always compulsory to consult with your team of oncologists before starting any type of exercise routine. Though there is evidence about the positive effects of exercising in women with Breast Cancer Diagnosis, the types of physical activities to choose from depending on various factors such as the following-

  • The stage of breast cancer that you are experiencing needs to be considered before exercising. 
  • The levels and frequency of cancer treatments used.
  • You should also consider other side effects and complications that usually are already going through because of the breast cancer treatments and medication 
  • The fitness level of your body and other health problems that you are experiencing should also be taken into consideration.

Relax and start an exercise routine

You might have been a fitness freak with active exercise routines before you were diagnosed with breast cancer.  But, you will not be allowed to follow the previous activities and exercises. Relax without anxiety, because it will take some time to become fit and physically active as before cancer treatment. 
Consult with the Best Breast Cancer Specialist in India to recommend the safest and most qualified exercise program. The course needs to be designed perfectly by specialists tailored to cater to your requirements and unique health conditions. 
You may have to exercise under the supervision of a caregiver and specialist for some time until your health condition improves.  Exercise independently once your doctor approves that you are physically fit to actively exercise. 

Key features of an efficient and safe exercise routine

We have shortlisted a few effective features for a perfectly suitable, safe and effective exercise program for your reference. 

1. Stretching 
The stretching exercise will help in improving your posture and flexibility. It is a great exercise to do regularly as stretching helps in optimizing blood circulation to the muscles, which helps your body to repair itself. Stretching is considered the best choice for those who have been inactive during the recovery period. For example, chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer can stiffen your muscles and reduces your mobility range. Therefore, stretching is the best way to gradually restart your physical activities. 

2. Breathing exercises 
Sometimes patients struggling with breast cancers might be having breathing difficulties, which can prevent them from being active. While practicing the breathing exercises you will be inhaling and exhaling air through the lungs. This will help in reducing anxiety, and stress while improving your level of endurance. 

3. Balance exercises 
One of the most devastating side effects of breast cancer treatments is losing balance. Now you can regain your lost independence and mobility by regularly practicing balance exercises. Balance maintenance helps in preventing any falls while performing physical activities. 

4. Walking 
Walking could be considered the most significant exercise for strengthening your lungs and heart. Therefore, you will not feel fatigued after chemotherapy and other cancer treatments. 

Safety measures to be taken during exercises 

Precautions need to be taken while exercising with breast cancer. The exercise program should consider the symptoms and side effects you are experiencing because of the treatments. For example, if you are having a fragile bone, then you should avoid challenging exercises that put pressure on the bones and increase the risk of losing balance and falling. 

  • Start exercise slowly and progress gradually without any stress. 
  • Perform the exercises in an environment where you can easily access your caregiver and medical facilities. 
  • If your body is feeling weak with a low level of energy, then take a break until you feel healthier. 
  • Drink plenty of clean water and keep yourself Hydrated. 
  • Avoid going to gyms as your immunity levels will be very low and you might easily get infected. 
  • Eat foods that are rich in protein and nutrition materials. This will help you in recovering sooner after the treatment process and exercise routine. 

When you are diagnosed with breast cancer you will be experiencing difficulties and weakness, throughout the medications and treatments. Consult with the best Oncologist experts from Top Cancer hospitals in India and start exercising only when they are fully satisfied with your health condition and when they approve it is safe for you to exercise.

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