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Breast cancer necessitates a great deal of awareness and care. The more the awareness, the faster the detection, and hence the patient's chances of survival. Breast cancer is a disease that can be treated. Cancer happens when cells grow out of control. It generally used to occur in women who were 50 years old or even more but nowadays young girls are also having breast cancer. Some of the symptoms of breast cancer are chunks inside the breast or underarms, breast size and shape changes, constant pain in a certain area, swelling, darkness or redness of the breasts, sudden nipple discharge, blood discharge and rash on the nipple and veins on the surface of the breast.

Some of the top breast cancer hospitals in India are Fortis Hospital (Gurgaon), Narayana Superspeciality Hospital (Gurgaon), Max Super Speciality Hospital (Saket, New Delhi), Medanta (the Medicity Hospital, Gurgaon), Indraprastha Apollo Hospital (New Delhi), Columbia Asia Hospital (Bangalore), BLK Super Speciality Hospital (New Delhi) and several others. As the detection of cancer happens late, the survival chances of breast cancer also get low. But if the detection happens on time then breast cancer can be treated. Only spreading awareness of it can increase the chances of being detected on time.

Breast cancer surgery in India will approximately start from $4000. This cost includes surgery, testing, radiotherapy and clinical trials. Six cycles of chemotherapy and treatment with targeted therapy can cost a person quite a big amount. Breast cancer surgery comes with a number of side effects after surgery and some of them are fatigue, seroma, cording, numbness, shoulder stiffness, change in breast or nipple and lymphoedema. After one is diagnosed with breast cancer the number of days after which the surgery can be carried out depends on the various health conditions of the patient. The number of days between the diagnosis and the surgery varies from patient to patient. The first sign of breast cancer is a change seen in the mammogram. The doctor is going to ask various questions to the patient and a physical examination will be undertaken. A breast exam detects any change in the nipple or in the skin of the breast.

A breast biopsy is a method in which a small portion of the breast tissue is removed and is sent to the lab for testing. The patient is awake during the biopsy and may experience a little discomfort. Quite a number of women experience little pain but no scarring is caused. Women with more complex abnormalities or thick breast tissue can be more sensitive during the procedure. But a breast biopsy does not necessarily have to mean cancer. After the biopsy, it would take about a week for the tenderness to go away and about two weeks for the bruises to fade. The steadiness and the inflammation can last for a period of 6 to 8 weeks. In most cases, the cut is closed with stitches or with tape. One needs to let the strips of tape fall on their own.

For the treatment of cancer, you should consult an oncologist. An oncologist is a doctor who gives treatment to a person who has been diagnosed with cancer. He is also known as a cancer specialist. There are three major branches of oncology that are based on treatment and they are radiation oncology, surgical oncology and medical oncology. You can consult a breast cancer specialist in India in the following way:

  1. Ask your family doctor for a referral
  2. Always choose a place having high quality care and a lot of experts.
  3. Look for a cancer center that is designated under the National Cancer Institute.
  4. Consult more than one doctor
  5. Get yourself informed about the credentials and expertise of the oncologists and the surgeons.
  6. Always work under a major cancer center even if it is a considerable distance away
  7. Always do your own research about your surgeon and the center where you are getting treated.
  8. Always seek a second opinion from your health consultant if in doubt.
  9. Think about a clinical trial

One can consult an oncologist personally as well as through teleconsultation. In recent times teleconsultation has been becoming increasingly popular. Vanya health is a company that provides teleconsultation services. You can now consult an oncologist from the comfort of your home at just the click of a button using the services of this company.


Breast cancer requires a lot of attention and awareness. The more awareness the faster the detection and this, in turn, increases the survival chances of the patient. Breast cancer is a treatable health issue. The two most crucial aspects of breast cancer are early detection and risk reduction. The main goal of breast cancer surgery is to complete the abscission of the primary tumor.

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