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Biopsy is a simple medical procedure in which a sample of breast tissue is removed and sent for testing in the laboratory. It is the best way to evaluate if a lump in your breast is cancerous or non-cancerous and it also helps the doctors to find out what stage of breast cancer you have.

Let us tell you that several conditions can cause growth or lumps in the breast. So your breast cancer specialist in India will ask you to get the biopsy done, before starting the treatment. Hold on before concluding yourself that the lump seen is cancer only, it is not necessary. This is why a biopsy is done to get an accurate result.

In what conditions will the doctor ask you to get the biopsy done?

  • If you and your doctor feel a thickening or lump in your breast. 
  • If you have a mammogram or ultrasound, the scan shows a suspicious sign. 
  • Your MRI reveals something unusual.
  • Changes in nipple like bloody discharge, crusting, dimpling skin, or scaling.

What are the types of breast biopsies?

There are various types of breast biopsies, as per your condition, your doctor will suggest you before breast cancer treatment in India.

The types are:

Fine-needle aspiration biopsy: In this biopsy, you’ll be asked to lie on the table while your surgeon will insert a small needle and syringe in the suspicious lump and the sample is extracted. It is done to determine the solid mass lump and a liquid-filled cyst.

Core needle biopsy:  The procedure is very similar to fine needle biopsy. The doctor uses a larger needle to collect samples. 

Stereotactic biopsy: In this procedure, you will be asked to lie down on your stomach on a table with a hole in it. This electrically powered table can be raised. And the surgeon will work underneath where your breasts are placed between two plates. 

Surgical biopsy: As the name identifies this procedure requires surgical removal of a breast. And the sample is sent to the laboratory. In the laboratory, the edges are examined to ensure the entire lump was removed. 

MRI-guided core needle biopsy: In MRI-guided biopsy, you will be lying down on your stomach with your breast on the table. And the MRI machine will provide images that will guide the surgeon to the lump.

Do you have to prepare yourself before Biopsy?

The answer is yes, you must not use deodorant, powder, cream, lotion, or perfume on the arms and breasts on the day of biopsy and before the procedure, you must also let your doctor know if:

  • You have any allergies
  • You have taken tablets like aspirin in the previous week.
  • You are taking blood thinners like heparin or warfarin.
  • You have a history of bleeding disorders.
  • You are taking any prescribed drugs, herbs, or supplements.
  • You are expecting a baby

Should you take care after a breast biopsy?

After the procedure, the sample of biopsy will be sent to the laboratory and it will take a few days for the laboratory professionals to properly analyze the sample. You are supposed to take care of the biopsy site by keeping it clean and changing the bandages. It is not like life after breast cancer but some care is needed. Your doctor will guide you about how the care must be taken. 

You must immediately consider contacting the doctor:

  • If your body temperature is above 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • If you find redness at the biopsy site.
  • If you find warmness at the biopsy site.
  • Any kind of discharge from the biopsy site.

Does Biopsy have any risks?

The risk in biopsy is very low and it is a relatively simple procedure. Some side effects of a breast biopsy can include:

  • An altered appearance of your breast.
  • Swelling of the breast.
  • Bruising of the breast.
  • Soreness at the biopsy site.
  • An infection on the biopsy site. 

The complicated side effects from the biopsy are very rare. These side effects are very normal and temporary. It can be treated easily by the doctor. Be sure to consult doctors of experienced and best cancer hospitals in India.  

After the Biopsy result:

Before getting panicked, check your result properly because it can be non-cancerous too. And if positive, keep calm and be strong because you can get the best cancer treatment in India and you can lead a happy life after the treatment. Consult your doctor. The doctor will use the Biopsy result to determine if you are diagnosed with breast cancer. Even the type of breast cancer can be detected in the biopsy. 





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