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Breast cancer is one of the most common cancer types in developing countries among women. In India, Breast cancer has been claimed by one-third of the urban population of women. According to a survey, the age-adjusted rate of Breast cancer is indicated to be 25.8 on the count per 100,000 women and the mortality rate is 12.7. The number of women affected by this disease is much lower in the rural areas when compared to the cities, however, it has been posing major threats to life each day. As per the National Cancer Registry Program, even young age females are also being diagnosed with Breast cancer. The survival rate of cancer patients has been recorded quite low in India due to a lack of awareness and not the unavailability of Breast cancer treatment in India. The late diagnosis of this disease results in the death of patients, which is another reason why we are in dire need of awareness regarding such jeopardizing health conditions. As we all are totally aware of the fact that fighting cancer might not always end in your favor but an early diagnosis can increase your chances of survival.

Probable causes of Breast cancer:

Talking about this disease will always lead to a question that would be ‘what causes breast cancer’? Well, the exact reason behind this ailment isn’t known or identified, although there are some risk factors that are commonly spotted among the affected people. Some women are diagnosed with it at a later stage in life, however, that doesn’t mean that women of younger age are immune to it. Here are some of the commonly located features by the Breast cancer specialists in India:

  • Old age
  • History of this disease in the family
  • High consumption of alcohol
  • Excessive body weight
  • Genetics
  • Exposure to chemicals or radiation before the age of 30 years
  • Lumps
  • Dense breast tissues and certain other reasons

What to do after being diagnosed with Breast Cancer?

It is expected to panic and lose your calm after getting diagnosed with a life-threatening disease like Breast Cancer. On the contrary, it is advised to avoid overthinking and taking stress as it might end up risking your health even more as per the oncology specialists in India. The most favorable thing that you can do for yourself is to stay strong as your mental state will play a key role in your recovery and battle with this disease. You must consider the fact these cancerous cells can develop in anyone and they are treatable if diagnosed early. In the early stages, these cells can be eliminated from your body by employing chemotherapy and surgeries. Sometimes when the cancer cells don’t show any sign or changes to the treatment, then you can always resort to lifestyle changes and medications to ensure that you live healthily and happily. The severity of this disease is measured on a scale of 0 to IV.

At stage 0 of this type of cancer, the affected cells remain constant in their original form and don’t concern the other body tissues. As time passes, they start posing more riskier, and finally, at Stage IV, they get fully grown and multiplied throughout the breast or even in the other parts of the body as well. According to the oncology specialists in India, cancer can be fully treated if it is diagnosed in its initial stage. That is the reason why you should get yourself checked up on a regular basis even when you don’t feel any sort of abnormality or lump in your breasts.

Treatment Options for Breast Cancer:

When cancer is recognized at the early stage, then the cancer specialists in India might resort to surgery, chemo and radiation, or a mixture of all of these methods to treat them. There are additional risks associated with the utilization of hormone therapy. The treatment available for this type of cancer is mostly used in the first two stages. But it highly depends upon the condition of the patient, as later stages of cancer require the breasts to be removed to prevent it from potentially harming other body parts in the patient.

What happens if the breasts are removed?

Sometimes, the oncologists have to resort to extreme measures to stop cancer from spreading and it might lead to the removal of the breast. This method is adopted when the cancer cells start multiplying rapidly and it gets difficult for the specialists to manage it with chemotherapy or radiation. It usually happens when cancer is diagnosed at a later stage and here are suggested measures that one can do to overcome the feeling associated with it:

  • There are various cancer support groups where similar patients come and talk out their experiences, fears, and insecurities to get some strength.
  • Get aid from doctors about breast reconstruction surgery, as in some cases it might be feasible to replace the breasts through plastic surgery in a very natural way.

Lifestyle Changes that Can Be Favorable:

A lot of times, an unhealthy lifestyle and addiction to bad habits makes you vulnerable to Breast Cancer. According to research, it has been concluded that if you follow an active lifestyle and follow a healthy diet, then your chances of suffering from this cancer will be possibly low. One must also focus on maintaining the right body weight in order to minimize the chances of catching this disease. Here are certain things that you must refrain from:

  • Cut down alcohol consumption and cigarettes
  • Avoid eating refined flour, junk food, processed meat, and red meat
  • Consume food like quinoa, barley, oats, brown rice, wheat, and home-prepared meals

Nowadays, cancer treatment in India and its facilities have advanced and through its e-consultation facilities, you can consult an oncologist online in India no matter where you are. It is not necessary to meet them in person in order to get suggestions and treatment advice. You can simply resort to such facilities now rendered by all the cancer treatment hospitals and get to consult an oncologist online in India.

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