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Liver transplant in India has come out as a pioneering treatment method for patients suffering from the last stage of liver disease, primary liver cancer or dealing with acute liver failure. The replacement of the damaged or failed liver is done by a healthy one as an effective treatment option for liver disease, and after-surgery care is also followed to prevent graft rejection, post-transplant infection and any sort of disease. After the patient is discharged from the hospital receiving liver treatment in India, it is very important for them to take certain precautions for having a healthy and infection-free life after the transplant. Here are practices that they should incorporate in their daily routine or they can also a consult hepatologist in India online: 

Keep Better Personal Hygiene and Your Surrounding as Well:

For the patients of liver transplant, the very first step required for a healthy recovery is keeping their personal hygiene at par and their surroundings clean as well. Once the patient gets discharged after the liver transplant and comes back home, the family members must make sure that the house has good ventilation. The patient is advised to wear a mask in the first three months following surgery if he or she is going to crowded places. They should wash their hands frequently after meeting visitors and guests coming to their house. A separate towel should be made accessible to the patient all the time and he or she must take a shower every day.

Healthy Diet and Nutrition:

After successful liver transplant surgery, the patient’s appetite will change for the better and it is rather a good sign. However, the family members must ensure that the patient's diet is rich in protein and the drinking water is purified and not taken directly from the tap, it must be filtered first. They must avoid raw food and salads from their meal along with sweets and fruits that consist of such elements that can shoot up their blood sugar level. After a liver transplant in India, post surgery medicines often spike up the blood sugar level and the patients have to use insulin in the first few months. Apart from that, consumption of alcohol, tobacco and smoking is also prohibited. 

Go for a Regular Checkup:

As liver transplant hospitals in India are gaining more popularity each day in treating liver diseases, after-surgery care is very crucial for improving the condition of the patient in the long-term. That is why it is important that patients attend all the clinics follow-up tests on a regular basis. Once the surgery is done, there are increased chances of coronary artery disease as the patients often develop the tendency of weight gain might also be a possibility. One should also note that increased blood sugar level and any cardiac problem can easily be managed by the treating doctors.  

Proper Intake of Medications: 

For a patient undergoing liver treatment in India, proper medications are an indispensable part of the recovery process, and one should never avoid the medicines that are prescribed by the doctors. It is also very vital that patients’ families get themselves used to the medicines prescribed, the timing for them to intake and dosage. This will ensure that the patient follows the prescribed medication and sometimes he might also require wound care which becomes important in some cases as the healing process is slow in liver transplant recipients.

Regular Exercise: 

The patients are also recommended to include exercise in their daily routine for a faster and better recovery. However, they are not to be involved in rigorous workouts and they should never lift heavy weights (over 5kgs), including babies, or carry out abdominal exercises like weight training and swimming within 3 months of the surgery.  Deep breathing during swimming or workouts can cause the lungs to expand and cough out sputum. The patients can also consult a hepatologist in India online or transplant physiotherapists for optimizing their exercising schedule.

For magnifying the chances of the success of a liver transplant in India, the precautions mentioned above are necessary to be complied with as they will make the transplant operation a long-term success. With an acclaimed and experienced team of doctors presents at the liver transplant hospitals in India, Vanya Health connects you with a perfect healthcare provider. Considering your budget, they will put you in touch with greater post-transplant care, state-of-the-art facilities and amazing medical services that are available 24/7. If you’re looking for a better clinic for liver treatment in India, then let VanyaHealth providing medical value travel services in India guide you through it and eliminate the trouble for you to go through every option before you reach a suitable conclusion. They will offer you a list of such facilities that have the most successful rate of liver transplant and consultation extending to the after-surgery period of the patient. 

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