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The innovation in technology within healthcare has been extraordinary which has resulted in treating even the deadly disease with the best results. Cancer treatment in India is popular, it is treated with various technologies among them, Photon Beam Therapy is popular. It has the potential to improve the outcomes of the patient by reducing toxicities that are related to treatment.

To understand more about this treatment, first of all, you have to understand all about what it is, how it is different, and the benefits of going with this therapy.

What is Proton Therapy?

Proton therapy is also known as Proton Beam Therapy, it is a type of radiation treatment that uses a beam of photons that can deliver radiation therapy directly to the tumor.

It can target a patient's tumor with a sub-millimeter precision while saving other tissues and the best thing is it minimizes side effects.

This therapy has evolved and improved over the years and it has been an effective method to control cancer. However, X-ray beams are made of primary photons and secondary electrons that can deposit their energy along the path of the beam to the targeted tumor. The physician can control where the proton releases the bulk of its cancer fighting energy. And all the top cancer hospitals in India follow this technology.

How Does This Therapy Work?

To understand the mechanisms of proton therapy you have to take a look at the engineering of its working and you must have a basic understanding of physics or even you can take the help of Vanya Health, the medical tourism company, they have the best doctors who can make you understand simply.

  • The journey of the proton begins at the ion source and within seconds the separation of hydrogen atoms takes place into negatively charged electrons and positively charged protons.
  • The vacuum tube injects protons into a linear accelerator and the proton reaches 7 million electron volts within seconds.
  • As they enter the synchrotron, proton beams stay in the vacuum tube where acceleration increases their energy enough to place them at any depth within the patient's body.
  • Leaving through the synchrotron, the protons move through a beam support system consisting of a series of magnets that shape, focus and direct the proton beam to the appropriate room.
  • Now, to check and ensure if each patient receives the prescribed treatment safely, the computer and other network systems control the facility. The gantry can revolve 360 degrees, allowing the beam at an angle.
  • As protons come through the nozzle the aperture shapes the beam of protons and another custom-made device shapes the protons into three dimensions.
  • The proton beam travels 125000 miles per second which is equivalent to two-thirds the speed of light.

How Many Types of Cancer can Be Treated with Proton Therapy and How Long The Treatment Lasts?

When you consult the best oncologists in India they will guide you on which cancer treatment is best for your cancer type. But most commonly proton therapy is used to treat head and neck cancer and pediatric cancers. Now it is also increasingly treating spine tumors, breast cancer, brain tumors, prostate cancer, and sarcoma.
The treatment time lasts about 30 minutes from the time the patient enters the treatment room to the time they leave.

Does Proton Therapy Have Extra Benefits?

Yes, proton therapy has many benefits as the proton beams do not penetrate beyond the tumor; it reduces the risk of treatment-related side effects to normal tissues that normally happen when you go through radiation. With proton therapy, the use of higher radiation is also allowed near the tumor as it increases the chance of destroying it. To know more you can take the help of medical tourism company, Vanya health. They have a network of top hospitals and the best treatment available there.

How Proton Therapy is Carried Out and How It is Different from Regular Radiation Therapy?

Like any other radiation, people can receive this method of treatment where they can walk in and get the treatment, they need not get admitted to the hospital and also like other therapies the proton therapy is delivered in multiple sessions daily, moreover the number of sessions depends on the type and stage of your cancer. When you go for cancer treatment in India they will make you understand the whole process and how it is safer than other therapies.

However, proton therapy is unique in a manner in the way it kills tumor cells. Protons are deposited majorly at the point they stop at high speeds, this ensures the healthy tissues are not exposed to high energy radiation and hence less radiation is generated, unlike X-ray radiation. Through this method, you can be saved by other side effects as protons intend to deposit all their energy solely on the tumor and there is no radiation going beyond the tumor.

The Bottom Line:

We know that it is a very anxious time for anyone who is diagnosed with cancer, but there are several options and now it is no longer a life-threatening disease. And if you have any queries and your country has not yet included these technologies then Medical tourism in India has been a great help for many who are looking for the best oncologists and best treatment.


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