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Before we talk about the types and specialties of oncologists, we must know what actually an oncologist is and what he/she does. Well, oncology is a specialized field of medicinal science that is basically related to cancer, its diagnosis, researches, and treatment plans. Doctors who are associated with the treatment of such patients suffering from this life-endangering disease are known as oncologists. As we all know the kind of precision that this treatment requires, that is why doctors carrying special knowledge and expertise are needed for pursuing its treatments. However, the availability of such vetted oncologists is rare and there are very few specialty hospitals with reliable cancer specialists in India that can be trusted for their authenticity and effective treatments. 

What does an oncologist do? 

An oncologist plays a crucial part in regard to cancer treatments, which begins from the diagnosis of the disease, developing an effective treatment plan, and other responsibilities that are related to the betterment of the patient. Listed below are functions that are carried out by an oncologist: 

  • Letting the patient know about the severity of the disease, location, and stage they are in. 
  • Making the patient aware of the various treatment options that can be chosen and which one of the most effective for them.
  • Helping the patient psychologically so that they can take it easy when it comes to handling such a threatening disease. 
  • Aid in dealing with the side effects of the treatment. 
  • Doing follow-ups after the treatment to ensure the well-being of the patients. 

Types of Oncologists or Cancer Specialist in India:

Considering the kind, stage, and location of the cancer one has, there are various kinds of oncologists and fields they specialize in when it comes to the cancer treatment process. Nowadays even get online cancer consultations in India without even lifting a finger. Oncology has three main branches which are known as medical, surgical, and radiation and they also have multiple specialties: 

Medical Oncologist 

Practicing methods like Chemotherapy and other medications that involve therapy or immunotherapy for that matter, Medical Oncologist is someone who is involved in such treatments. As the primary health care facility for a cancer suffering patient, medical oncologists plan out the whole treatment process. He also gets involved with other medical departments for the purpose of follow-ups, check-up of the patients, and post-treatment plans. You can also get an online oncologist for a second opinion in India to be sure about your treatments. 

Surgical Oncologist 

Sometimes when cancerous tumors need to be removed from the patient's body through surgery, that’s when a surgical oncologist comes in action. These are the normal surgeons who are trained for the oncology and surgical methods through additional training. These oncologists are also experienced and trained in executing certain kinds of biopsies in relation to the diagnosis of cancer. 

Radiation Oncologist

A radiation oncologist is all about treating cancers with the help of radiation therapies. Radiation therapy is such a process that involves the utilization of high-energy X-rays to eradicate the cancerous cells from the body of the patients. Sometimes when it is not feasible to remove such cells through radiation, then the oncologists utilize this process to diminish the effect of the tumor or to slow down its growth and affect it from other body parts. This is known as palliative therapy and one can know about it through online cancer consultation in India. This therapy is mostly performed to improve the quality of life of the patient by controlling the spread of the tumor and its related symptoms. Sometimes even the radiation oncologists also heed to brachytherapy in order to treat the cancer patients more effectively. In this kind of therapy, they implant some radioactive agents into or next to the affected area of the body of the patient. Taking which type of cancer they are dealing with into account, the radiation radioactive sources are placed permanently inside the body or removed once the treatment session is over. There are various types of advanced radiosurgery options available in India - Gamma Knife, LINAC and Proton beam Therapy.

Gynecologic Oncologist

Gynecologic oncologists are such doctors that specialize in the treatment of cancer growing in the female reproductive parts. Such types of cancer may include ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, cervical cancer, and others as well about which you can get online cancer consultation in India. These are highly trained professionals who have taken additional fellowship training to become a specialized obstetrician-gynecologist. 

Pediatric Oncologist

Such types of oncologists are involved in the treatment of cancer or children and young teenagers who have become vulnerable to this disease from a young age. They mostly come across brain tumors, Leukemia, and other kinds of cancer that are common in children. 


The treatment of blood cancer consists of the involvement of Hematologist oncologists. The availability of telehealth services in India has made it quite easy for you to take the advice and online oncologist for a second opinion if you have any doubts regarding your treatment. 

Head and Neck Oncologist: 

Such oncologists deal with head and neck cancer which stems in the head and neck region, however, it doesn’t include thyroid and skin cancers. It consists of oral cancer, salivary gland cancer, laryngeal cancer, hypo-pharyngeal tumors, nasopharyngeal cancer, tumors of the oropharynx, tumors of the nasal cavity, and paranasal sinuses. 

There are various cancer centers in India that have been catering to the needs of cancer patients very vigorously and effectively with the involvement of all the modern amenities at their disposal. Vanya Health takes pride in putting you in symphony with such treatment centers and oncologists who are well-known for their reputation in this field. 

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