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As India is becoming one of the most preferred medical destinations in the world there are various factors that are leading to the increase of medical value travel in India for leukemia. Some of such reasons might include premium medical care facilities, up-to-date technologies at affordable prices. Consisting of over 500 accredited healthcare providers, India is the prime hub for the low-cost medical treatments offered under the observation of highly experienced and professional doctors. The same applies in the case of the cost of leukemia treatment in India as it renders the similar treatment with world-class excellence as the western countries. With its amazing medical care at frugal rates, there are around 30 plus best leukemia treatment hospitals in India that are known for utmost care. These treatment processes include chemotherapy techniques, radiation therapy and patient-friendly medical staff for their comfort that come at totally pocket-friendly prices. You’ll also find a number of great cancer experts in India, that include top-class physicians and doctors who are popular for rendering great care and the best Leukemia treatment in an attractive package. The cost of leukemia treatment surgery in India is around 60% cheaper than Leukemia surgery in western countries and that is why patients are choosing it to get treated here. 

What is Leukemia? 

Leukemia is a term that is used to refer to white blood cell cancer which is also called a blood disorder and this disease basically originates in the bone marrow and grows and develops there only. A patient suffers from Leukemia when there is damage in his or her DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) of WBC (White Blood Cells). Under this condition, the blood cells develop and grow uncontrollably causing blood cancer. 

What are The Different Types of Leukemia? 

During leukemia treatment in India, cancer specialists divide the type of Leukemia patient is suffering from depending upon its progression speed and the type of cells involved. The acute type of Leukemia spreads faster and requires immediate medical attention when someone is diagnosed with it. Whereas, the second type of Leukemia known as chronic Leukemia, calls for medical care that includes surgery, bone marrow transplant, radiation therapy. Such treatments can be acquired at the best leukemia treatment hospitals in India with excellence and have been of tremendous benefit for the patients in curing the illness. 

Why India is preferred for Cancer Treatment and Research?

As you are already aware of the fact that India is continuously growing as a favorable medical tourism destination, especially when it comes to blood cancer treatment in India. If you’re looking for top hospitals for Leukemia treatment or a second opinion for leukemia treatment, you’ll be offered unending choices at affordable prices.

Expenses of Leukemia Treatment In India 

Although the price of this blood cancer treatment differs from one medical facility to another from diagnosis to medical care, the cost can still be pocket-friendly when compared to the western countries. Considering the surgical equipment, latest medical technology, medication and professional knowledge, India is better equipped to facilitate inexpensively and up to the mark treatment to cancer patients. 

Why should You Pick India for Leukemia Treatment? 

If you’re looking for medical value travel in India for leukemia, it must not overlook the cost difference in the leukemia treatment here and in other countries. Here is a rough figure of the treatment cost mentioned below based on the type of blood cancer someone is diagnosed with.

If you are looking for medical treatment regarding acute and chronic leukemia in Singapore, it will cost you around $14500-$29,000, whereas, in the US the cost of treatment will be $25,000 - $35000. However, in India the cost of leukemia treatment in India will be around $7,000 - $18000, which is pretty much lower than the above two. When we talk about neighboring countries like Thailand with the cost of leukemia treatment, then it will fall somewhere around $12000 – $23,000. The final cost of the overall treatment consists of the diagnosis, reports, medical conditions, amenities, hospital stays, doctors and more. 

Factors affecting The Cost of Leukemia Treatment: 

  • The Highly Experienced Team of The Medical Expert 

The primary reason why most patients choose to get treated in India is the affordable medical tourism package provided by the medical centers and the team of multidisciplinary professionals who are ready to offer you a perfect solution for your treatments. You will also get to know about the other recommended options for treatment options that are infused with unique diagnoses at a frugal price. As a result of a huge population, we get economies of scale thus the costs are reduced substantially in India.

  • Ongoing Clinical Trials in India 

There are various Leukemia clinical trials going on in India where the best cancer hospitals in India and doctors participate. The cancer specialists recommend different patients to be a part of these trials and widen their treatment options that may benefit you for the better!

Along with offering the most basic healthcare facilities at economic rates, India tends to render the best after-care to the patients to boost their recovery and their mental health. With cleaning techniques like yoga and psychological help, more patients want to Leukemia treatment in India. 

India is known to be a rising star when it comes to medical tourism and patients from all over the world are choosing to get treated over here due to a wide array of reasons from low cost treatment to world-class care. You can get a list of the best leukemia treatment hospitals in India with specialists who are qualified from the finest medical universities and trained to offer counseling and treatment. The medical tourism companies here will put you in touch with such medical centers that are top-rated in cancer treatments and will fit seamlessly into your budget. You just have to make sure that you choose the right one as per your needs from the options they provide. You can also go for a consultation before you find the right specialist or treatment package for you.

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