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A total artificial heart is an innovative mechanical pump that is uniquely designed to replace your diseased or damaged heart. Top Cardiac Hospitals in India offers premium quality healthcare services for treating your conditions, when your heart is not functioning properly. 

Types of artificial heart

There are basically two  types of artificial hearts, which are the heart-lung machine and the mechanical heart.

Heart-Lung machine 

Heart-Lung type of artificial heart device comprises a pump and an oxygenator. This machine is mainly used to maintain the blood circulation during surgical procedure while the heart is being operated. However, this machine has limitations and can only be used for a few hours as the blood will become infected and damaged after a certain period.

Mechanical heart

A mechanical heart is brilliantly designed for supporting your damaged heart that cannot function properly. It helps in reducing the workload of your diseased heart that is not able to function with its normal capacity. 

How does the artificial heart function?

An artificial heart is a uniquely designed mechanical pump implanted in the chest to be a replacement of your heart valves and ventricles that are damaged. In the heart’s lower chambers ventricles are located. The right ventricle pumps the blood to the pulmonary artery, which transports it to the lungs to fill the blood with oxygen. Thus, oxygen enriched blood is pumped back to the left ventricle. From the left ventricle the oxygen-rich blood is pumped and distributed to different parts of the body using a huge network of arteries. 

When the heart is diseased or damaged, the ventricles will not be able to normally function. Total artificial heart is attached to a portable medical device fixed outside your body, which will provide power to keep the artificial heart pumping steadily. 

Health conditions treated by total artificial heart

You may be recommended for a total artificial heart due to a heart failure or heart defect present from birth. Similarly, when your heart is affected with certain diseases or damages, it will hinder efficient pumping and circulation of blood. Patients diagnosed with such chronic health conditions will be recommended for heart transplant surgery. These people will become eligible for implantation of an artificial heart, which will keep their hearts pumping during their waiting period. 

7 things you should know about Total Artificial Hearts

1. It is a surgical procedure

Artificial heart implantation is a surgical procedure that is similar to a heart transplant surgery. It is performed for a period of 4 to 5 hours and is considered as a challenging or complicated surgery. You can Consult the Best Cardiologist in India to evaluate the health condition of your heart and get the best treatment. 

2. Artificial Heart is large

You need to understand the fact that the artificial heart is bigger in size than a normal sized human heart. Your cardiologist will first recommend a CT scan to check if there is enough space. Certain size in the chest cavity is required for this medical device. Usually it is easily fitted into the chest cavity of normal sized humans with chronic heart diseases. 

3. Mobility is available

Since the freedom driver in the device possesses a battery, you can be untethered independently for a period of 2 to 3 hours respectively. If you want to leave your home and travel for longer distances for an extra period of time, then you can use backup batteries. However, whenever you  need power you can plug easily into an outlet and stay connected.

4. It is quite manageable

The artificial heart can be carried everywhere you go, because it is durable and manageable. Your body will not reject the artificial heart, because it is made from specially designed material that will  easily blend with your body. The artificial heart device can be immediately used and easily managed after kidney failure, during the waiting period, until you get a perfectly matching donor. Vanya Health Medical Tourism Company representing highly qualified cardiologists and surgeons providing premium healthcare services can guide you through the process and restore back your good health. 

5. Risk factors

“Infection” could be considered as the vital risk factor you might be facing when using an artificial heart. There are several factors responsible for the infection.

  • Infection causing germs can penetrate within your skin when it is pierced to plug in the hoses. 
  • There is a risk factor of blood clots  forming inside the body due to the large amount of interface between the artificial heart power device and bloodstream. 
  • Bleeding complications might be developed due to the blood thinners you have been taking as a treatment for other health issues. 

6. It is a temporary solution 

Usually this artificial heart is not intended to provide lifetime support for a longer period of time. Therefore, it provides temporary support for patients who are eligible for heart transplant surgery. In some cases the patient might be in the waiting period to become eligible for the heart transplant. There are no time limits for the durability and other functioning  of the machine. 

7. Advancements In medical technology

The artificial heart device pumps almost 70cc volume of blood and has size limitations. It is not possible to implant an artificial heart device into people with normal-sized hearts or people who are very small in size. Scientists are consistently conducting multiple researches to increase the capacity to fit even small people. Advancements made in medical technology and a dedicated team of researchers from Top Heart Institute in India are determined in developing brilliant artificial hearts with more accuracy and functionality.

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