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Your body is wonderfully created to withstand any type of health problem. However, a few adverse issues such as the lifestyle you follow, aging, stress, anxiety and other diverse factors start damaging and affecting your body, especially your heart.

Angioplasty and stent implantation is performed to restore good health to patients struggling with chronic coronary artery disease. This treatment helps in restoring an uninterrupted supply of oxygen and blood flow to the heart. 

What is stent placement?

Most of the patients undergoing angioplasty treatment may also have to undergo the stent placement procedure. Angioplasty is a minimally-invasive procedure that is performed to remove the blockages in the arteries and help in improving the blood flow smoothly without any interruption. These blocks in your heart cause heart failure, heart attacks and other chronic heart diseases. 

Stent Placement is a medical process that helps in restoring the health of your heart struggling with coronary artery disease. The cardiologist will insert a stent- that is a hollow cylindrical metallic mesh, on a balloon catheter into the blood vessel of the patient. In the modern version, the drug is coated on these stents for long-lasting positive results. 

The types of stents to be used on a patient depends upon the health condition of the patient diagnosed by the interventional cardiologist. They will check the occurrence rate of damage and thinning in the coronary arteries of the patient. Stent implantation helps in improving uninterrupted blood flow. One or more stents are placed in the patient’s arteries, according to the number of blockages present. 

Life After Placement of a Stent 

The strength and health condition of your body and heart are restored after a certain period of recovery. We have discussed 4 essential things you need to know and adopt after stent placement for a healthy lifestyle. 

1. Quit smoking and limit alcohol consumption 

The patient must strictly quit smoking and limit alcohol consumption after performing the stent placement.

Effects of smoking

If the patients start smoking again after receiving a stent, they have a much higher risk of developing new severe blockages in the same artery that is treated. The inner lining walls of arteries will become severely damaged and a chronic accumulation of fat reoccurs, because of smoking habits. Smoking is an injurious habit that can develop chronic heart diseases and heart failure in both the person who smokes and all the loved ones in close contact physically with those active smokers. 

Effects of alcohol consumption 

If you are going through the life after stent placement treatment, then prevent excessive alcohol consumption. Alcohol could develop a wide range of health issues such as irregular heartbeats, heart muscle diseases, and strokes due to high blood pressure. 

Excessive alcohol consumption can be the reason for other health complications like obesity, strokes and fatigue, which play a vital role in causing serious health issues to your heart. 

2. Healthy and nutritious diet

Another crucial lifestyle change that you need to follow, after stent placement treatment is to eat a properly nutritious diet. You are what you eat and therefore diet changes could be considered crucial. 

Foods to avoid

Your Doctors will recommend you avoid eating salty, sugary, oily and other unhealthy foods. These foods are rich in saturated fats, trans-fats, cholesterol, sodium and more. 

Foods to consume

After the stent placement treatment, you should start eating foods containing vitamins and iron such as fruits, low-fat dairy products, fish, whole grains, green leafy vegetables etc. You can consult with your dietician who can guide you in eating a nutritious, healthy and well-balanced diet that is good for the health of your heart. You must concentrate on eating a nutritious diet to keep your heart healthier and properly functioning. 

3. Regular Medical Check-ups and medication 

A patient who has undergone a stent placement procedure must follow up with their cardiologist and never miss regular health checkups. They should keep checking if the blood sugar levels and cholesterol are accurate. Consult your doctor immediately if you observe any changes in your body functioning or if you experience immense pain. 

Another aspect you need to concentrate on is to consume all the medicines prescribed by your doctor. These medicines will be recommended to restore strength to your body and enhances the recovery of your heart’s health condition. 

Doctors might recommend blood thinners for improving the blood flow, nitro-glycerine for widening the stiffened arteries and thrombolytics for dissolving blood clots. Painkillers may be given by your doctor if you experience any discomfort and pain. 

Discuss with your doctor the side effects you might experience while consuming those recommended medications, before getting discharged from the hospital. If you experience any of the side effects you should immediately contact your healthcare team to resolve the complications immediately. 

4. Avoid obesity and enhance physical activities 

Obesity is the most common reason for heart disease. Once these issues are solved using a stent placement treatment, you need to start an exercise routine after consulting with the doctors. You can perform moderate exercises such as stretching and walking. 

Heart attack and other heart-related complications are caused by obesity. Therefore, you must eat a nutritious diet and perform mild exercises to maintain naturally a healthy weight. Meditation is another form of exercise that can help eliminate stress, maintain the health of your heart and provide relaxation to your body. 

A stent implantation is a minimally-invasive procedure and so you can easily regain good health condition your heart with proper care. Enjoy a healthier heart, by simply following the above-mentioned lifestyle changes after stent placement treatment. 

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