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The heart is one of the most important organs in the human body. It is a four-chambered organ that pumps blood to the lungs for oxygenation and later, sends this oxygenated blood back to the whole body. If a person faces any issue with the structure of the heart, it affects the functioning of a person’s whole body. In any heart condition, along with it, it also affects the cardiac muscles, the valves of the heart, the blood vessels and the electrical conduction system as well. The signs of heart diseases advised when a person connects to an online cardiologist in India, depends on a lot of underlying causes. 

This has given rise to a lot of myths relating to heart diseases and to avoid this, one must consider the most convenient options available today, that is, tele consultation with cardiologist in India according to which the doctor helps the patient with a proper diagnosis, management and treatment of certain heart problems. 

Confusion and myths pertaining causes of chest pain

Things can be quite confusing when it comes to the health of your heart. Sadly, it has become very common for people to interpret things which at times results in delayed treatment and further causes life threatening heart diseases. Hence, visiting experienced and trained cardiologists available at some of the best cardiac hospitals in India becomes important as they help in filtering out the best treatment depending upon the actual cause of chest pain. Considering this, it is also necessary to acknowledge the various myths surrounding the causes of the pain that people fail to address, which are:

  • Chest pain is the only symptom of an attack

While chest pain is one of the major symptoms of a heart attack, it is not the only symptom. Chest pain may happen due to a number of reasons and not all chest pains are an indication of a heart attack. These attacks are often a combination of symptoms such as discomfort in the neck, back, jaw, shortness of breath, etc. On the other hand, chest pain alone is usually a symptom of acidity. However, one can always consider teleconsultation with cardiologist in India to understand the reason behind any discomfort that they faced earlier or even for a follow-up.

  • Heart attacks are hereditary and can’t be avoided

People often fall for the belief that a family history of heart diseases automatically increases the risk of an attack and one can do nothing much to prevent this situation. But, in reality there are a lot of things to reduce this risk. Maintaining a good and healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercises and a good diet can help one’s heart to remain healthier in spite of the risk.

  • Heart diseases are for men only

The biggest myth that has existed is that heart diseases are only limited to men. Some of the best cardiac hospitals in India have reported that women suffer from heart attacks just as much as men do. Yes, men do get heart diseases and attacks at younger ages but reports from the American Heart Association show that more women die from heart attacks comparatively.

  • A fast beating heart always results in a heart attack

People often fall prey to the belief that when there is an increase in the heart’s beating rate or when the heart beats faster, in such cases the person may possibly be getting a heart attack. However, there’s no relevance to this belief. After a person consult a cardiologist in India, he knows that a chest pain which causes the heart's pace to increase may be due to a number of reasons such as exercises, a brisk walk or swimming for a few minutes.

  • Pain in the legs has nothing to do with chest pain

People usually treat leg pain as nothing. But this pain could sometimes be a sign of some plague development in the arteries which can cause chest pain as it is one of the symptoms of a heart disease. People experiencing such pain should prefer taking teleconsultation with cardiologist in India to avoid the risk of any peripheral artery disease.

Key takeout

Chest pain is a serious issue and while not all chest pains indicate heart attacks, they do need a proper consultation and advice from an expert. Giving emphasis to this, one must consider consulting an online cardiologist in India for best and quicker results in order to recognise the underlying problem.

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