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The Healthcare sector has gloriously flourished and benefited millions of patients across the globe, because of the advancements made in medical technology. Especially countless patients with cardiac issues have been relieved of their chronic health conditions because of the affordable quality treatments provided by Best cardiac surgeons in India.

Treatment options for heart-related diseases 

Healthcare sector has developed with advanced technology and highly qualified Doctors. There are brilliant options available in medical technology for providing various types of cardiac treatments such as minimally invasive Cardiac Surgery or open Heart surgeries along with advanced therapies etc. Therefore, patients suffering from complicated Heart disease and heart failure can survive and be cured of the sickness.

Studies have shown that both young and old generations are affected by diverse cardiac diseases. But at the same time with the dedicated efforts of cardiac experts and researchers, a wide range of surgeries and treatments have been introduced. One such most innovative and highly beneficial cardiac surgery that has been developed is Bentall Surgery.

Bentall Procedure explained

A Bentall Surgery is designed to repair the crashed Aorta to restore the malfunctioning heart and restore good health. It is a complex cardiac surgery where the Aortic Root, Aortic valve and Ascending Aorta are replaced and later the coronary arteries are inserted inside the graft.

When this artery is damaged or infected or has leakage issues and some problems, Bentall Surgery is recommended by doctors. Medical value travel in India can guide you through the process and help in the restoration of heart functioning effectively. 

Patients eligible for Bentall Surgery. 

Bentall Surgery is an innovative procedure that is considered to be beneficial for patients with the following Heart issues:

  • Aortic Regurgitation: Bentall Surgery is recommended when your Aortic valves are problematic causing leakages and disruption of blood flow.
  • Marfan’s Syndrome: This heart condition occurs in genes and weakens with age, causing damage to the Aortic wall and Aortic Dissection.
  • Aortic aneurysm: In this condition a particular segment of the Aorta is enlarged and weakens over time, causing severe problems to the heart’s functioning.
  • Aortic dissection: If the aortic aneurysm remains for a longer period without being treated properly and becomes weaker. This will cause damage to the inner wall, which causes various complications such as heart failure and inner bleeding. 

How is Bentall Procedure performed?

Bentall procedure is also called Aortic Root replacement. The Bentall procedure is a minimally invasive type of heart surgery performed by surgeons for repairing the aortic valve and the aortic root. It is performed through a minimally invasive approach with a 5-7 cm incision, when compared to the traditional method where 20cm to 30 cm midline cuts are made. You can Consult the best cardiologist in India and avail of great healthcare services. The surgery will take about 4 to 5 hours and requires anaesthesia. 

  • An incision is made in the chest area and then the Sternum is slowly divided to access the damaged heart. 
  • The patient is then connected to the Heart-Lung Bypass Machine, as the activities of the heart will be stopped during the procedure. 
  • The damaged segment of the Aorta is removed and the defective valves are also removed. 
  • Surgeons will Dissect and remove damaged walls of the Aorta along with the Coronary Arteries. 
  • Bio-prosthetic valve in a synthetic graft is attached to the Aorta edges. 
  • Then the Coronary artery is slowly fitted into the double openings created in the artificial graft layers. 
  • They might replace the valve if it is damaged and leaking.
  • The incision is perfectly stitched once all the replacements are performed. 
  • The Heart-Lung Bypass Machine is removed from the patient and the restored heart starts functioning again. 

Advantages of Bentall Procedure 

  • The Aorta issues are repaired giving long-term benefits and relief. 
  • Patients do not require any anti-coagulation. 
  • The success level of Surgery is higher in the Bentall procedure method. 

Post-operative care

The post-operative time is crucial for patients with heart disease. It is essential that the patients be cautious about diverse aspects such as the following:

  • Be careful and avoid certain rigorous harsh activities for 10 to 12 weeks after the procedure. 
  • Initial weeks post surgery, you need to be very careful and avoid carrying or lifting objects that are heavy. 
  • Always remember the doctor’s appointments after surgery and never miss the follow ups, which are very important. 
  • Travel only if your doctor gives permission.
  • Another important thing to consider is to regularly eat a nutritious diet and avoid unhealthy foods. 
  • Exercise is equally beneficial for restoring the health of your heart. Initially start doing light exercises regularly after consulting with your doctor. 

If you are experiencing any symptoms such as chills, high fever, redness or crashes on the area of the incision, and other critical signs, make an appointment with your surgeon as early as possible and be cured. 

Why is India the best venue for getting a Bentall Procedure done?

India is a wonderful country that has progressed and developed undeniably in healthcare services. 

  • The country India has reached glorious heights of success in the medical field with advancements made in technology and highly qualified & skilled surgeons. 
  • India has emerged to be a global favourite choice for international patients to get premium quality treatments.
  • Further, with the introduction of Vanya Health Medical Tourism, people from all over the world are able to easily avail best Bentall Procedure treatment from the best cardiologist without any hassles.
  • International standards infrastructure, hygienic and safe ambiance. 
  • The premium quality healthcare services are provided for affordable rates by highly talented doctors and surgeons.  
  • India had ultimate surgical proficiency to brilliantly perform highly complex Bentall Procedure and maximum success rates. 
  • Cardiologists and surgeons from India are enormously skilled and richly experienced in handling Bentall Surgery procedures successfully. 

India is a perfect treatment venue with Top cardiac hospitals in India for all your heart-related health issues. Therefore, if you are recommended by your doctors to undergo Bentall Surgery and you are searching for the best venue, then India could be considered your ultimate choice.

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