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Endoscopic vessel harvesting is at the forefront of technological advancements in coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery vessel harvesting. Traditional vessel harvesting procedures use a larger incision to obtain a bypass conduit for CABG. Smaller incisions mean fewer infections, less pain, and less scarring, as well as speedier healing, better clinical outcomes, and higher patient satisfaction. In 1997, the first EVH system was released. Getinge has led the charge to make endoscopic vessel harvesting the standard of treatment, with over 2,500,000 procedures completed as of 2018.

Patients with coronary heart disease are not candidates for angioplasty because their coronary arteries are too narrow. The Great Saphenous Veins, which are taken from the patients' own limbs, are still the most popular conduit for bypassing the coronary artery in most CABG surgeries.

A new methodology is being used around the world to address all of the issues connected with the traditional method. Endoscopic Vein Harvesting (EVH) is a procedure that is diagnosed by a cardiologist and performed by heart transplant surgeons.

There are several best cardiologists in India who are available for such jobs . In areas such as cardiac imaging, valve repair and replacement, EVH, paediatric surgeries, device insertion, and many more, Indian cardiac surgeons have made significant contributions. Famous Indian cardiac surgeons are known around the world for providing specialist care in nearly every facet of cardiology. They work together to provide the best cardiac care to their patients.

To consult top cardiologist in India, you can easily google it on your smartphone. Well known surgeons have one goal in mind: to offer the best cardiac care possible to each and every patient, from prevention to diagnosis to treatment and surgery. A well-trained and knowledgeable doctor can make a significant impact in your heart's health. 

Top cardiac hospitals in India have lots of features on heart diseases. They have lots of features like -

  • Complex problems such as congenital heart abnormalities, cardiac failure, and cardiac valve malfunction are treated. 
  • Heart attack and cardiac serious cases are handled 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
  • Top cardiologists, heart surgeons, and vascular surgeons provide each patient with comprehensive medical care. 
  • For patients with heart and lung failure, ECMO therapy is used. 
  • Patients in need of a heart transplant are supplied with all legal and medical services. 
  • Electrophysiology investigations, a 3 Tesla magnetic field, a 256-slice Phillips Brilliance CT scanner, and other modern diagnostic tools are also accessible. 
  • Cardiothoracic surgeons with oncology knowledge provide comprehensive care to patients with lung cancer or cancer of the mediastinum. 
  • On request, services such as visa help, travel accommodations, and language interpretation are provided for international patients.

Vanya Health is one of India's leading medical value travel companies, with a network of top hospitals, top doctors, and cutting-edge medical treatments. Provide patients in India and other developing nations with world-class healthcare that is more accessible and affordable. Their objective is to build a dependable network of patients and healthcare professionals, allowing for end-to-end healthcare services and enhanced collaboration among doctors throughout the world for better knowledge exchange. When patients come in for treatment, they are given a variety of options. They also organise surgical and OPD camps in the target nations, allowing patients to benefit from the services of Indian doctors while still in their own country.
Vanya Healthcare has a large network of over 2000 specialised doctors and over 100 panel hospitals. We present our patient's state-of-the-art therapy across medical disciplines in this document. As part of our Medical Travel in India, we offer Oncology, IVF, Orthopaedics, Transplants, and Cardiology treatments.

Medical Value Travel in India tailors services to the needs of each patient, aiding them throughout their stay, from pre-hospitalization to travel, operation, and discharge. Furthermore, they connect patients to world-class panels of doctors and hospitals via online video consultations to debate their information and get second opinions, preventing misdiagnosis.

Vanya Health takes full responsibility for organising surgical and OPD programmes in the target country, allowing patients to contact Indian doctors from the comfort of their own homes. During Medical Value Travel in India, they take on the responsibility of being your one-stop shop for all medical care and treatment advice.

It is growing strategic relevance due to its ability to create jobs, foster cultural interactions, strengthen a country's positioning by projecting’ soft power,' and earn foreign cash for the countries involved. People are increasingly travelling in search of better quality and affordable healthcare options, availability of the latest medical technologies and accreditations, convenience around hospitality services, and minimal waiting time as a result of globalisation and the emergence of a consumerism culture. In addition, favoured locations for Medical Value Travel have shifted away from industrialised markets such as the United States and Western Europe and toward developing countries, particularly in Asia.

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