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What is Robotic Cardiac Surgery?

Robotic Cardiac Surgery is an innovative and minimally invasive treatment option that is performed by the Best Cardiologist in India. It is also known as closed-chest heart surgery and has gained enormous growth and development. This method has changed the way Cardiac surgeries have been performed traditionally.

Robotic Cardiac Surgery is done using a console that has been uniquely designed to control thin sturdy Robotic arms holding surgical instruments. With this advanced technology, highly skilled surgeons are performing complex cardiac surgeries with accurate motion control, smaller incisions and improved perfectly curated outcomes. 

What types of cardiac surgeries are done robotically?

Robotic Cardiac Surgery is an excellent option for restoring health and strength to the damaged heart. We have shortlisted a few Robotic Cardiac procedures treatments:
1. Mitral valve repair

Robotic mitral valve surgery is a minimally invasive Cardiac surgery performed on the damaged mitral valve by a cardiac surgeon with a closed chest and an endoscopic approach.

2. Septal myectomy 

Robotic septal myectomy is performed to repair genetic deformities, which are causing the muscles in the heart to abnormally grow thicker and form blockages. This technique helps in repairing the thickened walls and removing the blocked artery. 

3. Tricuspid valve repair

Similar to the mitral valve, when the tricuspid valve is not functioning properly the surgeons will repair the valve with minimally invasive Robotic Cardiac Surgery. 

4. Patent foramen ovale repair

Patent foramen ovale is a hole small in size located between the left and upper right chambers of your heart. Robotic Patent foramen ovale repair is performed for closure of the abnormal hole. 

5. Robotic Cardiac tumors removal 

During the robotic tumor removal surgery, the placement and movement of the endoscopic instruments are controlled by the surgeon holding the console of the robotic instruments. Small incisions are made in the left atrium and the tumor is removed using the instruments. 

Patients eligible for Robotic Cardiac Surgery 

The patients need to perform certain diagnostic tests, to check if their health condition is perfect for Robotic Cardiac Surgery in India. Diagnostic tests include the following tests:

  • Chest X-ray 
  • Cardiac catheterization 
  • Heart stress test
  • Computed tomography Scan

These tests may be recommended by your doctors for obtaining clear information about your heart condition and checking if you are an eligible candidate for Robotic Cardiac Surgery. 

Robotic system instruments 

The Robotic system used during the minimally invasive Cardiac Treatment in India is comprised basically of the following components-

Surgeon Console

The surgeon will be sitting at the console during the procedure, controlling the robotic instruments and viewing in high-definition 3D your inner anatomy.

Patient Cart

The patient cart is placed alongside the surgical bed, while it holds the instruments and camera controlled by the surgeon from the console. 

Vision Cart

The 3D high definition vision of the surgical heart is supported and enabled to communicate between components, with the vision cart. 

How is robotic Cardiac surgery performed?

  • The patient is given anesthesia or a sedative to keep them relaxed.
  • Three or more small incisions are made by the surgeon in the areas between the ribs and on the side of the chest. 
  • During the procedure, the patient might be supported with a Heart-Lung Bypass Machine.
  • One camera and the surgical instruments are attached to the robotic arms and placed through these incisions.
  • Surgeons can control the movement of the inserted surgical instruments because the robotic wrist is attached to motion sensors. 
  • The surgeon will be sitting in the computer console, carefully watching through the two lenses. 
  • From the two optical outputs, the lenses will be displaying clear 3D images of the surgical field for the view of the surgeon.
  • Accurate camera control is provided with foot pedals so that the surgeon can change the surgical view by zooming in or out instantly. 
  • The hands of the surgeon control the placement and movement of endoscopic instruments. 
  • The surgeon is in control of the movements of the robotic wrist and arms mimicking the surgeon’s arms with more accuracy. 
  • The robotic arms cannot move on their own and the surgeon is in control of their movements. 

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Benefits of robotic Cardiac surgery 

When compared with the traditional method Robotically assisted heart surgery may provide the following benefits:

  • Minimal scarring is caused because this surgery method is done with smaller cuts or incisions. 
  • Less pain and less trauma are experienced by the patient.
  • A shorter period of hospitalization is required.
  • Less amount of pain medications is given. 
  • Minimum bleeding. 
  • Decreased rate of infection. 
  • You can return to your normal daily activities as the recovery period is lesser than the traditional method. 
  • Gives the surgeon better control of the surgical instruments with clear 3D images of the surgical heart. 
  • Less invasive and the most effective treatment for even complex cardiac surgeries. 

Post operative care

The recovery period is lesser and usually, you will be able to return to your normal activities in a few months, depending upon your overall health condition. The doctors will check your health condition and provide specific instructions to take care of your heart. 

After the surgery, you should maintain your cardiovascular health by taking medications and making changes in lifestyle as advised by your doctors. 

The lifestyle changes that you might be recommended by your doctors and that you need to follow include:

  • Managing diabetes and high blood pressure. 
  • Quit smoking. 
  • Maintaining weight in a healthy way.
  • Regularly Exercising.
  • Following a healthy and nutrients rich diet. 
  • Follow up with your cardiologist and never miss any consultation visits after the surgery. 

Top cardiac hospitals in India have performed many complex heart surgeries using the Robotic Cardiac Surgery method with brilliant success rates. You will be able to access the privilege of premium quality healthcare services and advanced Robotic Cardiac Surgery treatment at the most affordable cost in India when compared to similar extraordinary facilities and infrastructure anywhere across the globe. 

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