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Lung Cancer is a very common cancer diagnosed worldwide. As per the statistics by Global Cancer 11.4% of people were affected by lung cancer in 2020 worldwide. And many deaths are caused due to lung cancer. There are many lung cancer treatments in India and surgery is an option for patients with early stage non- small- cells lung cancer and whose medical condition is not ok. It is a common question found in patients who have undergone surgery is, can surgery cure lung cancer? Well, we will discuss a few things that every patient who has lung cancer or has undergone lung cancer surgery will want to know.

What are the risk factors that cause lung cancer?

  • Smoking is the number one risk factor in causing lung cancer.
  • Exposure to air pollution is also associated with the increased cases of lung cancer.
  • Exposure to some carcinogens (arsenic, silica, nickel, etc.) directly or indirectly can also cause cancer in humans.

What are the early symptoms of lung cancer?

The initial stages of lung cancer do not show any specific symptoms in the body. Unless your doctor gets to know from any other tests usually the symptoms are seen in the advanced stages and those symptoms are persistent coughing, shortness of breath, sputum with blood or without, weight loss, chest pain, etc.

What are the types of lung cancer?

Lung cancer is of three types:

  1. Non-small cell
  2. Small cell
  3. Carcinoid

Out of these 3, the small cell is more aggressive.

How are the stages of lung cancer determined by doctors?

  1. Stage I- In stage I the lung cancer has not spread from its site of origin.
  2. Stage II- In stage II the lung cancer is located in one lung and may involve lymph nodes on the same side of the chest. The lymph nodes which are in the space between the lungs or outside the chest are not included.
  3. Stage III- In this stage, cancer that is a single tumor or mass that is not invading any adjacent organs is referred to. It involves one or more lymph nodes that are away from the tumor, but not outside the chest.
  4. Stage III B – This stage refers to cancer that has spread in larger areas of the chest but not outside the chest.

Is surgery the only treatment for lung cancer?

No, there are many types of treatment for lung cancer. While choosing the treatments the lung cancer specialist in India will consider the overall health and stage of the patient. Usually, the patients with the earliest stage of lung cancer are recommended for surgical resection. Patients with advanced lung cancer are treated with therapies like chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and targeted therapy alone or in combination. It is advisable to not experiment or decide on your own and force your doctor for the type of treatment you need as per the survival rates or as per your family friend’s advice.

Can surgery cut down cancer?

Surgery can remove cancer that is contained in one area.  The prime motive of the specialists of lung cancer hospitals in India is to improve and restore the quality of life. It is an effective method in eliminating most types of cancer and If the cancer is not metastasized then it alone can cure cancer. And if cancer has spread to lymph nodes or metastasized (distant sites) then surgeons may recommend more treatment. The extra treatment can be chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormone therapy or targeted cancer drugs; these treatments are given to kill any cancers left.

How can you survive cancer?

The survival depends on the type of lung cancer and also the stage of cancer when it was diagnosed. While your general health and fitness can also affect your survival. It depends on how you control and manage your diet, stress, and fatigue. Your doctor will guide you properly after the treatment on how to take care of yourself. The guidance and treatment given in the hospitals of India are very famous and therefore medical tourism in India is getting popular.

Few steps to consider after treatment:

  • Do not rush recovery: Give time to your body to heal. You should take time to recuperate as your doctor suggests.
  • Walk: Walking is a part of pulmonary rehabilitation. Dedicating 30 minutes daily for walking will improve lung function, build lean muscle mass, and will also enhance mood by stimulating the release of feel-good hormones.
  • Quit Smoking: The treatment of lung cancer will be difficult and complicated by lung cancer. It can reduce the recovery time and also reduce your quality of life. If it is very difficult for you to quit smoking, share your concern with the doctor, he will help you with the necessary steps and prescriptions.
  • Improve your Diet: Your energy levels are all dependent on your food intake. Work with your dietitian to ensure your calorie and nutritional needs are met.
  • Mental Health is important: Stress can play a major role in the reduction in quality of life in people with lung cancer. Manage stress, take help to reduce anxiety and depression.

The Bottom Line:

Surgery is the traditional method to treat cancer. And it is the most effective method in eliminating most types of cancer before it has spread to lymph nodes. Before believing in any reasons to not opt for surgery, always consider consulting the experienced doctor of India, because it depends from person to person some may benefit from surgery alone and some may need more treatment. If you face any difficulty in finding the specialized doctors and hospitals near you, you can always consult Vanya Health, they have a list of entrusted doctors and hospitals who can be at your better reach.

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