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Endoscopic Vessel Harvesting could be considered a boon to the patients undergoing Cardiac Surgery. This surgical technique is performed to restore an uninterrupted supply of oxygen to your heart. During this process they will be experiencing minimal discomfort, recover faster and improve the functionality of the heart.

Trauma caused by open vessel harvesting cardiac surgery is reduced by this procedure and therefore it is rightly called minimally invasive. Studies have also revealed that the endoscopic vessel harvesting treatment method has diminished the necessity of treating postoperative complications or frequent surgeries for the patient in the future.

What is Endoscopic Vessel Harvesting?

Endoscopic Vessel Harvesting is a surgical method used during Coronary Artery surgery, which is commonly known as Bypass surgery. The flow of Blood is controlled and rerouted around the blocked coronary artery. During the surgical process, a graft is introduced for allowing constant blood circulation to bypass the artery blockage.

This medical surgical procedure needs to be performed by an experienced and dedicated cardiologist team. Vanya Health is an excellent Medical value travel India that understands the patient's requirements and helps them customize highly qualified treatment plan options from the best cardiac hospital at an affordable price.

How is Endoscopic vessel harvesting performed?

The graft for the Bypass Grafting process is obtained by harvesting or removing healthily functioning blood vessels located on another body part such as the patient’s arm or legs respectively. 

A small cut is made below the knee area in the leg to remove the saphenous vein using an endoscope. Similarly, the radial artery from the forearm is used for this technique. The removed blood vessel or vein becomes the Grafting piece for Bypass surgery. The above layer of the Graft will be inserted into the source of blood and the other end is plugged in below the heart blockage area.

This process creates a fresh conduit channel for smooth blood flowing through the patient’s heart. You must seek the Best cardiologist in India who will diagnose accurately and treat blood vessels and heart-related complications efficiently.

Advantages of Endoscopic Vessel Harvesting

  • Minimum Wound infections 
  • Speedy Postoperative recovery 
  • The minimum period for mobility
  • Reduced hospitalisation 
  • Reduction of cost 
  • The best solution for patients with high-risk health conditions 
  • Long term solution

1. Minimum Wound infections 

Studies have confirmed the fact that the Endoscopic Vessel Harvesting surgical procedure significantly reduces infections and any major complications of the wound. When compared with traditional Open Vessel Harvesting treatment techniques EVH provides a lesser frequency of rehospitalisation, reduced discomfort and decreased healthcare expenses.

2. Speedy Postoperative recovery

Patients who undergo the Endoscopic vessel harvesting treatment technique during their Coronary Artery Bypass surgery experience lesser pain or complications than those who have undergone the traditional Open Vessel Harvesting treatment technique. 

Studies show the difference between EVH and OVH clearly. The postoperative recovery period for patients with EVH Bypass surgery is decreased because of the comfort level they experience. Patients feel comfortable and relaxed because of the low level of pain, which allows them to mobilise their harvested body parts easier and earlier without any discomfort or disturbances. 

3. The minimum period for mobility

The patients who have undergone bypass surgery with the Endoscopic Vessel Harvesting surgical technique through Top Cardiac hospitals in India experience minimum levels of pain, infections and any other complications. Therefore, they feel very confident and comfortable walking and mobilise earlier.

4. Reduced hospitalisation

The endoscopic Vessel Harvesting technique decreases the pain and optimizes the comfort level of the patients. They start recovering sooner and walk earlier than the patients who underwent the OVH process. Therefore, their length of hospitalisation is reduced significantly making it the ultimate choice. 

5. Reduction of cost

Patients who have undergone Endoscopic Vessel Harvesting surgical procedures experience minimum levels of postoperative pain or infections in the wounds and readmissions. With reduced complications and infections, further medications or revisits to the hospital are not required. Therefore, patients will not need to spend a surplus amount of money on wound infections or any other postoperative complications.

6. The best solution for patients with high-risk health conditions

The Endoscopic vessel harvesting treatment is ideal for those patients going through various other health problems. Patients with certain health issues such as diabetes or obesity or blood pressure are considered at high risk of getting infections in their surgical wounds. But with EVH surgical technique even patients with high-risk health issues will experience fewer complications than the OVH procedure. You need to Consult a top cardiologist in India to treat high-risk patients without any complications. 

7. Long-term solutions

The endoscopic Vessel Harvesting surgical technique has been proven to provide long-term stability without any complications. Studies confirmed the fact that The EVH Grafting is to be perfectly functioning without any interruption or complications for a longer period than the OVH method extensively.


Endoscopic Vessel Harvesting is the best treatment option for heart blockage treatment in India and is performed in most Cardiac surgery hospitals. Vanya Health Care Services is a reputed Medical Tourism Company platform offering a detailed list of highly qualified Cardiologists, an experienced hospitality team and an excellent network of specialty Hospitals across India. Good luck!


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