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Aortic dissection is a life-threatening health condition where there is a separation between the layers in the walls of the aorta. Aorta is the major artery in the body and this condition needs to be treated immediately by the Best Cardiologist in India.

What is Thoracic Aortic Dissection?

Thoracic Aortic Dissection is commonly seen in patients with high blood pressure, a family history of aortic diseases and other severe Cardiac complications. Aortic dissection occurs when the innermost layers of the Aorta, the chief artery, are torn.

The blood flowing through this tear causes dissection between the middle and inner aorta layers. Dissection caused in the outer layer of the aortic wall is often considered to be life-threatening.

However, if the Aortic Dissection condition is detected earlier it will be easier for the doctors to treat the issue more efficiently with better survival rates. Vanya Health Medical Value Travel India guides you to obtain the best quality treatment from an excellent network of Cardiac hospitals, exclusively curated for their customers.

Symptoms of Aortic Dissection

The Aortic Dissection symptoms may be usually similar to various other common diseases not related to aortic disease, which might delay accurate diagnosis. Let us analyse a few typical symptoms such as the following.

1. Chronic pain in the chest

The patient may experience severe pain with a breaking or tearing sensation in the upper back or chest areas. This drastic pain will slowly spread from chest to neck and down the back.  

2. Stomach pain

The patient with aortic dissection will experience sudden ripping and tearing sensation in the stomach area. This symptom is so common for other diseases and needs to be resolved immediately by the Best Cardiologist from Top Cardiac Hospitals in India.

3. Decreased consciousness

The patient feels a gradual decrease in consciousness. They experience difficulties concentrating and being awake. Loss of consciousness might be severe Aortic Dissection. 

4. Choking Sensation

Flawless Breathing happens when there is a smooth distribution of oxygen to the lungs, heart and other parts of the body. When the supply of oxygen is affected because of Aortic Dissection the patient experience choking and shortness of breath and this condition may be a medical emergency. 

5. Other symptoms

Sometimes patients can have strokes like symptoms such as paralysis, loss of mobility, disturbance in vision, and difficulty in vision and speech. They might also have severe leg pain and weakness. Never ignore these symptoms and seek professional help immediately.

India possesses an excellent network of the best hospitals and expert medical services. They ensure that their clients are comfortable and relaxed while discovering highly qualified Cardiologists for treating their health conditions.

Types of Aortic Dissection

There are two types of Aortic Dissection depending on certain areas of the aorta where it is affected. 

  1. Type A: This group of Aortic Dissection is a dangerous and commonly observed type in patients. Type A will possess a tear in the area of the aorta that exits the tip of the heart. The tear might be observed in ascending aorta and slowly may spread into the abdomen areas.
  2. Type B: In the Type B group, a tear occurs in the descending aorta and may also spread into the abdomen areas.

Causes of Aortic Dissection

Certain health issues might be the cause of the aortic dissection such as the following. 

a. Hardening of Arteries 

When certain unwanted substances like cholesterol and fats deposit in the artery walls, then the Hardening of arteries occurs. The plaques building up in the layers of arteries will gradually narrow or block the arteries and also aortic dissection conditions. 

b. High blood pressure

High blood pressure occurs when the force of blood flowing against the walls of arteries is calculated to be very high. If this condition is not properly treated, it can cause aortic dissection and Cardiac disease. 

c. Bulging of arteries

An aortic aneurysm occurs when there is a bulge on the parts of the arteries. Aorta is the largest artery in the heart that transports blood through the chest from the heart. The Force of blood flowing can tear the artery wall, allowing the blood to rupture in between the layers. 

d. Defect in the Aortic valve

When the valve located between the aorta and left ventricle does not function properly, it will cause defects in the Aortic valve. Thickening of the aortic valve can cause damage and aortic dissection.  

e. Narrow aorta by birth

Narrowing of the aorta is considered a birth defect and the condition is a critical medical emergency. If the baby is diagnosed with a narrow aorta and aortic dissection, then they might need surgery immediately after birth. 

f. Inflammation in the arteries

Inflammation caused in the aorta might cause rupture along the artery walls. This type of aortic dissection needs intensive medical treatment.

Tests to diagnose Thoracic Aortic Dissection

  • Transesophageal echocardiogram or TEE is a test that might be recommended by doctors for getting crystal clear information about the functioning of your heart.
  • Computerized tomography or CT scan for evaluating the health conditions of your chest.
  • Magnetic resonance Angiogram or MRA for analysing accurately the blood vessels. 

Prevention tips

  • Prevent any injuries to the chest 
  • Keep your heart condition healthy 
  • Monitor and keep your blood pressure under control 
  • Quit smoking
  • Follow a well balanced nutritious diet plan with less salt and plenty of fruits and vegetables. 
  • The proper exercise routine should be followed


If you experience any of the above symptoms or you possess a genetic history of thoracic Aortic Dissection, then discuss this with your doctor. You can also seek a Second Opinion for Cardiac Surgery with a well experienced and highly qualified Cardiologist through Vanya Health. Good luck!

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