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Cancer is known to be a life-threatening disease followed by a dreadfulness that you would rather not come across. Beginning in any part of your body, it can metastasize and affect other parts as well and even can lead you to death if not diagnosed early. Oncology specialists in India are always of the opinion that if people pay enough attention to their health and go for a full check-up every once in a year, then they can fight off any danger of such diseases. The detection of cancer at an early stage is vital for the survival of the patient and for the treatment of his condition. Now the medical field is technologically advanced and cancer hospitals in India are offering several treatment options, world-class medical care facilities along multiple cancer hospitals in India that are ready to treat you well. 

Types of advanced treatment options available for cancer patients: 

  1. HIPEC: Also known as Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy, HIPEC is a kind of treatment in which the chemotherapy drugs are heated and administered to abdominal cancer patients or patients suffering peritoneal mesothelioma. The treatment method is combined with cytoreductive surgery and considered highly effective on the patients. 
  2. Transoral Robotic Surgery: Mostly utilized in mouth and throat cancer, Transoral robotic surgery is basically a process where the operation is guided by the computer. In this process, a computer-managed system is inserted in the body of the patients that monitors the surgical tools. The surgeon administers the process through the help of cameras and gets a view of cancer and tissues around it. Using the magnified view of the treatment area, the surgeon moves the tools with precision and removes the affected tissues without any error. 
  3. Immunotherapy: This sort of therapy is utilized to treat all kinds of cancers. It involves the process of strengthening and boosting the immunity for making it strong enough to fight cancer on its own. Various ingredients and immunity-boosters manufactured from the living organisms are employed to help the patient build up his immune system and help him fight off the disease. 
  4. Radiation therapy: It is one of the most common treatment methods used by almost all cancer hospitals in India. In this treatment plan, highly powered radiation or rays are used to kill the cancerous cells from the patient’s body or to eliminate the tumor. This therapy can also affect the DNA of the cancer tissues in their bodies. With the use of this method, cancer specialists in India stop the division and spread of such cells during the therapy sessions. 
  5. The CyberKnife Surgery: One of the most advanced forms of radiosurgery, this is a painless, non-invasive treatment that delivers high doses of precisely targeted radiation to destroy tumors or lesions within the body. It uses a robotic arm to deliver highly focused beams of radiation for cancerous and non-cancerous tumors and other conditions where radiation therapy is indicated.

Cancer hospitals in India with advanced facilities: 

If you’re looking to get the best treatment for cancer in India, then here is the list of the finest hospitals offering top-tier care facilities and treatments to make it easy for you to choose the best for yourself: 

  • Apollo Hospital, Bangalore: Known as one of the most high-class treatment facilities for cancer patients, this hospital serves the interest of people from all kinds of backgrounds, financial stature and severity of the disease. 
  • Medanta Hospital, Delhi: With its premium treatment facilities and offering the best cancer treatment in India, Medanta is located in Gurugram. It is one of the most trustable institutions due to its team of excellent cancer specialists in India and a destination for treatment packages that won’t bleed you dry of your savings. 
  • Fortis Hospital, Delhi: Fortis is well-known for its high-class treatment plans and facilities to care for the patients. Its well-trained and professional team of medical staff along with the technologically advanced equipment, make it perfectly suitable for all kinds of cancer treatments. 
  • Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai: Being one of the oldest cancer treatment hubs in India, Lilavati carries an age-old legacy of top-notch cancer treatments and a specialized team of oncology specialists in India. With its extensive care and quality of diagnosis, patients with complex histories with cancers are assured to be treated successfully and diagnosed better. 
  • Global Hospital, Chennai: This hospital must make it to your list if you’re looking for the best cancer treatment in India. It is well-known for its multi-organ transplant facilities and dedicated care ward for the patients. 
  • Tata Memorial: Tata Memorial is the Indian Cancer Center, which is annually chosen by over 64,000 patients from all over the world. The hospital specialists accurately diagnose and treat all types of cancers from stages 1-4. More than 70% of cancer center patients completely get rid of malignant tumors.
  • HCG: Healthcare Global Enterprises Ltd (HCG), India’s largest provider of cancer care is at the forefront of the battle against cancer. Through its network of 20 comprehensive cancer centers spread across India, HCG has brought advanced cancer care to the doorstep of millions of people.
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